By checking the consent box, customer agrees that they are digitally signing an agreement to accept text messaging, email and auto dialed outbound calling from MyChangeAddress and that they can opt out of the agreement at any time. To opt-out of text messaging from MyChangeAddress, reply STOPNOW to any message or contact customer support at mca. For help concerning text messaging, reply HELP to any message or contact customer support at

MyChangeAddress will send up to 5 text messages per month to all participating users of our text messaging program. Messages may include alerts, updates, contests, special offers or advertising. All messages will conform to the MMA Code of Conduct and will be tailored to the interest of the users of our site. Message and data rates may apply.

Customers opted into the MyChangeAddress text messaging program may receive exclusive and/or relevant offers from digital home service providers in your area.

MyChangeAddress follows the recommendations of the Mobile Marketing Association (the "MMA") Global Code of Conduct and Consumer Best Practices for Messaging in their SSM program.

  1. Notice - MyChangeAddress will inform users of the marketers identity or products and services offered and the key terms and conditions that govern an interaction between the marketer and the users mobile device.
  2. Choice & Consent - MyChangeAddress respects the right of the user to control which mobile messages they receive by obtaining consent (opt-in) and implementing a simple termination (opt-out) process.
  3. Customization & Constraint - MyChangeAddress ensures that collected user information is used to tailor communication to the interests of the recipient and is handled responsibly, sensitively and in compliance with applicable law. Mobile messages should be limited to those requested by the user and provide value such as product and service enhancements, contests, requested information, entertainment or discounts.
  4. Security - MyChangeAddress implements reasonable technical, administrative and physical procedures to protect user information from unauthorized use, alteration, disclosure, distribution, or access.
  5. Enforcement & Accountability - MyChangeAddress will make every attempt to comply with the MMA Privacy Code of Conduct and has incorporated the Code into applicable MMA Guidelines, including the U.S. Consumer Best Practice (CBP) Guidelines. MyChangeAddress continually uses evaluations of their practices to certify compliance with the Code.

For more information on how MyChangeAddress protects your privacy, please read our privacy policy.

For more information on the MyChangeAddress text messaging program, please contact customer support at

To learn more about the MMA Global Code of Conduct and Consumer Best Practices for Messaging, please visit their site at